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Information within this video relates directly to the Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack. In order to have the items and game play, including moodlets and everything else within this video, you need to have the Laundry Day Stuff Pack.

If you’re still curious as to whether or not you want to get Laundry Day Stuff Pack, check out my review. Within the review, I go through all of the items including cosmetic and in game as well as what play style it suits.

The Laundry Day Stuff Pack has added 2 ways for you to wash and dry your clothes:

  • The first being manually via Old Timmy’s Wash Tub, and drying them with the Model T Clothesline and
  • The second being mechanically using a Green Clean Washing Machine and a Fyre Dryer.
  • The washer dryer are also available in the Urbanite Appliances Stacked Washer/Dryer Unit.
    • Which is exactly the same as the 2 individual units, just sold stacked on top of each other.
    • Both these appliances have the ability to set a sim on fire
    • The washing machine has the ability to electrocute a sim
  • You can use any combination of washing and drying you wish.

Locating the items

Objects by Function:
The washtub and clothes line can be found under Activities and skills, Miscellaneous

The new laundry white goods and hampers can also be found in Activities and skills, recreational. As well as the Appliances drop down menu, then miscellaneous

Objects by Room
To find the Washing tub and clothes line via the room option go to Outdoors, using the BBQ icon. Then click on the plant bed for Outdoor Activities.

For the washer and drier navigate to the Study, then select the gaming table for Indoor Activities.

Objects by Room
To find the Washing tub and clothes line via the room option go to Outdoors, using the BBQ icon. Then click on the plant bed for Outdoor Activities.

For the washer and drier navigate to the Study, then select the gaming table for Indoor Activities.

Pre Built: Styled Rooms
For the completed rooms, go to Miscellaneous rooms with the 3 dots.


Old Timmy’s Wash Tub

  • This can not be upgraded
  • Additives can be added to the washing process to enhance or degrade the washing quality. More on this later.
  • Will “wash out” your sims and give them a +2 uncomfortable moodlet when used
  • Increases Fitness skill

Model T Clothes Line

  • Can be upgraded to never break or catch on fire
  • Takes approximately 12 hours to dry 1 load
  • Will most likely create a backlog of drying clothes, resulting in more negative moodlets or multiple clothing lines to keep up with the demand of washing

Green Clean Washing Machine

  • Has 5 upgrades available to it, which requires the handiness skill ranging from 5 skill to 8.
  • Additives can be added to the washing process to enhance or degrade the washing quality after the Additives Tray upgrade has been added. Again, more on this later.
  • Can be filled directly or filled from a hamper

Fyre Dryer

  • Has 4 upgrades available, ranging from skill 5 to 8
  • Once items are taken out of the Dryer and put away, a moodlet will be available to the household that correlates to the washing quality.
  • Dries the washing within an hour, without upgrades
Skill Req
ObjectNameUpgrade PartsDescription
6Washing MachineWhisper Quiet1 Common
1 Electric
1 Plumbing
Reduces noise
8Washing MachineTungsten Drum1 Common
2 Electric
Will not break down overtime
7Washing MachineSpeed Cycle2 Common
1 Electric
1 Plumbing
Takes less time per load
5Washing MachinePresoak1 Common
2 Plumbing
Longer cycle, higher chance for pristine
6Washing MachineLaundry Additive Tray1 Common
1 Kitchen
Allows the addition of pleasant and foul scents
5DryerLint-Less1 Common
2 Electric
2 Kitchen
Will not create lint, reduces chance of fire
6DryerWhisper Quiet1 Common
1 Electric
1 Kitchen
Reduces noise
8DryerTungsten Drum3 Electric
1 Kitchen
Will not breakdown
7DryerSpeed Cycle2 Common
2 Electric
Takes less time per load
3Clothes LineIron Line3 CommonNever break or catch on fire

Laundry Stats

Explaining this is a little tricky, so bare with me.

Each pile of clothing has been given a state of freshness. This is something that is used by the game to assist with determining what moodlet you will get at the end of the washing cycle. My understanding is the worse the clothes are at the start, the lower your chances are at getting a positive moodlet. This can be positively influenced by keeping up with your laundry and doing at least 1 load per day, upgrading your appliances and putting additives into the wash. Alternatively, if you want to create negative moodlets, don’t do washing for a few days and or use dirty/old water when you do.

There are 5 different cleanliness states including Filthy, Dirty, Used, Clean to Pristine.

In addition, you also have the Dryness, which has 3 levels, soaked, damp and dry.

Furthermore, you can add flowers from your inventory to enhance the fragrance. Or,  add in a grilled cheese sandwich for a foul moodlet. You can also sometimes get a Playful moodlet from clothes have been taken out of the drier and are considered to be warm.

Moodlets are assigned, seemingly at random from the state of freshness and dryness state of the clothing, after the washing has been “put away”

Filthy+2 UncomfortableFreshness
Dirty+2 UncomfortableFreshness
Used+1 FineFreshness
Clean+1 HappyFreshness
Pristine+2 HappyFreshness
Soaked+2 AngryDryness
Damp+2 SadDryness
Dry+2 FineDryness
Fragrant+2 ConfidentSmell
Foul+2 EmbarrassedSmell
Warm+2 PlayfulState
When you complete a load of washing and put it away, you have a chance of creating a moodlet. Below is a list of possible options.

You can see the quality of the washing by hovering over the pile of washing. Sparkles, butterflies, flies and water are the visual indicators that go along with the hover over tool tip.

Once clothes have been put away and a sim changes their outfit, it will trigger the moodlet. Each one lasts for 4 hours. Changing your outfits frequently does not refresh it and they can be over written by a different laundry moodlet, should someone put away another load of washing.

Not doing the laundry for a day will progressively worsen the state of your sims current clothing and risks giving your sim a used, dirty or filthy moodlet.

Unfortunately, if you want to have a laundry in your household, without custom content, you’ll have to deal with the washing of clothes, as placing one of new hampers or any of the washing/drying methods to the lot, triggers the creation of laundry.

Maids and butlers will do laundry. Sims can also just randomly do washing if you’ve not got them assigned to doing something else.

You can search through piles of laundry and hampers for spare coins, which is a nice little way of generating money at the start of the game.


Things can be added to the cleaning process that enhances or degrade the final outcome. Flowers and grilled cheese sandwiches can be added to the laundry. However, the items must be in your inventory. To add them to the washing tub, you simply click on it and select the additives option you’re after. The washing machine needs to have the Additive Tray upgrade before you can do this.

Also, people with the mischief skill can add extra soap, resulting in an overflow during the cycle and will need to be cleaned out and repaired afterwards.


Other Information

  • Cats enjoy interacting with Washing Machines and Dryers
  • Other food items can be added to the washing machine, other than just grilled cheese
  • With cheats enabled, you can change the state of the laundry
  • Service staff can also clean out lint trays
  • Slob and Lazy traits will generate a pile of laundry on the floor near them.
  • Spin Cycle +2 Dazed Watching laundry spin, during spin cycle
  • Yucky Splash +2 Sad Toddlers interacting with the wash tub
  • Washed-Out Arms +2 Uncomfortable From using the wash tub

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