Sims 4 Cats & Dogs is being released on the 10th November. Since the announcement, it’s also been released that EA have updated the system requirements needed in order to run the Pets expansion.

What does this mean though? What exactly has changed? How do you go about preparing your PC? And your game families? This video will assist you. Before we get too much further, don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one and leave a comment below telling me how you’re getting prepared for the expansion pack!

So first: What changed?
From what I can tell, there have been 2 changes to the system requirements, the amount of RAM required and the operating system has been updated.

Previously, all you needed was 2 GIG of RAM, whereas now you need 4 GIG of RAM.

How do you find out how much RAM you have? Click on Windows > cog (to load the settings) > Type in RAM and then select “View RAM Information”. Look towards the lower end of this list and you’ll see “Installed RAM”. It’ll say how much RAM you’ve got.

It also brings us to the second point, the System type. Your operating system needs to say 64-bit Operating System. This can be seen on the same screen.

What can you do if your PC doesn’t meet these requirements, but don’t have enough PC knowledge to upgrade your PC. You can take your PC down to your local PC store and ask them to upgrade the RAM for you. You could post on Facebook and see if any of your family/friends can help you with the installation.

However, in saying that, it’s a fairly simple process. If you can’t find someone with the technical confidence to help you and you’re game to try it yourself watch the video on the left.

To upgrade your operating system,watch the video on the right.

It is a little slow but does go through the steps quite clearly and explains a little on whether or not you can upgrade.

Moving on to the house itself, you’ll need to make sure you have enough room for the pet and it’s accessories. What will these be? From previous expansions and the limited vision we’ve seen so far we can assume that there will be a food bowl, perhaps water too. So that’s 1-2 tiles.

We can safely assume that there will be breeding, so that’s another 2×2 or 2×3 tiles taken up by kennels. Cats might have a multi-level toy, which will be either 1×1 or more likely another 2×2. You’ll presumably need space to play with them and the money to buy all of this.

Given that there are vets, it may be that pets can randomly get sick, like humans do and this might be an additional cost.

Thanks for watching this video, hope you enjoyed it. Lets talk in the discussion section below. I’m pretty excited for the Pets expansion pack, when I saw my friend shortly after it was announced, we both just looked at each other and said “PETS!” and then spent the next hour talking about how much we’re looking forward to it. Hit the like button if you love the Aussie accent and subscribe for more videos! Hope you’re having a lovely day! Till next time.


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