During the latest Twitch stream, February 23rd, 2018 at 11am Pacific, a new set of Sim Guru’s took us through a temple run. This revealed a lot more information about how temple runs work as well as other interesting information. They also went through a lot of the build/buy mode items. Below is a rundown of what was included, as well as some screenshots*.

In terms of an entertaining stream, I have to say wouldn’t recommend watching it. Reading through whatever information you can find across the various third party Sims websites would be a better use of your time. The Guru’s are first and foremost developers, not Twitch Streamers.

* Excuse the quality of the stream, my internet has been horrendous 

Inside a temple

  • It appears that once you’ve made your way to the opening of the temple you’re given a puzzle that you need to unlock in order to enter it.
  • Each puzzle has the options including: Tree, Arrowhead, Leaves and Sun, that can be activated to unlock the door.
  • There are 5 different temples in total and each time you enter it is chosen at random.
  • While inside, the different puzzles and traps are randomised. This includes their type, answer and where they spawn. Each area can have multiple traps that can be used to unlock the door however, sometimes traps will do nothing.
  • Doors can be fire, electric and poisonous. There may be others however, these types were shown within the temple.
  • You can setup a tent (From Outdoor Retreat), while inside the temple.
  • Of a night time, you may see a skeleton wandering around the temple. The Guru’s mentioned that they only walk around at night.
  • There is a Tree of Emotions, a mystical harvest-able, that produces fruit berries that can be eaten to assign your sim an emotion.
  • Some traps require your sim to be in a particular emotion in order to unlock them.
  • Omiscan’s are the people from inside the temple.
  • Levels can have more than 1 treasure chest on it.
  • Once you’ve emptied the main chest, a popup will appear announcing that the temple will disappear upon exiting.
  • There is a cool down, of approx a day, between being able to visit the temple.
  • Some traps use different skills.
  • Useful skills for doing temple runs include: Charisma, Cultural Skills, Archaeology, Fitness, Handiness, Logic.
  • Island at the bottom is accessible only as a temple.
  • Blessings, given by the temple, will last 2 days
    • Some blessings can be passed to other sims
  • Moodlets have been added, that align with the various new traps
  • Berries include:
    • Cereberries = Focus
    • Razzleberries = Playful
    • Museberries = Inspired
    • Flutterberries = Flirty
    • Merry Berries = Happy
  • Berries can be planted to grow a tree on your own lot.

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