Sims 4 Laundry day Stuff pack has recently been released. It’s $14.99 AUD and is officially described as as allowing your sims to “wash their wardrobe, build rustic homes and dress in a country style”. Given that it was a stuff pack that was voted on, by the community to determine what went into it, is it worth buying now, waiting until it comes on sale or is it worth getting at all?

Let’s do some quick maths, there are at least 71 buyable new items added to the game, including 3 hair styles for adults, 17 adult clothing articles (both favoring females), new rugs and cluttered decoration for the house as well as 2 different styles of washing machines (tub and machine), rounding up be approximately 21 cents per item. Unfortunately, there is only 2 kids items and nothing there for pets.

For more information on washing in particular, check out the link in the description below.

The washing machines come in individual washer and drier units or a combo with them sitting on top of each other. There is also a do it by hand wash tub and a clothes line, similar to Sims 3 which is a nice nostalgia hit. Additionally there are 3 incredibly similar, but slightly different washing hampers and a handful of various washing clutter that you can use to reinvigorate your house. All in all, the total amount of items and variety of them is nice. Although I personally would have liked to have had some paints and floor tiles.

For many people the stuff pack means adding in a laundry to their house and finding room within the bedroom and or bathrooms for the hamper.  It’s fun however, fleeting. Starting a new house with the expansion pack won’t be so much of an issue as you can plan ahead of time.


When doing your laundry in Sims 4 is similar to Sims 3, where a pile of clothing appears on the ground or goes directly into a hamper, depending on hamper availability and your sims traits. For example if you have a sim with the lazy trait they’re probably going to dump their clothing onto the floor, rather than having it magically appear in the hamper. Let me know in the comment section below, what has caused laundry to be created for your sims.

EA has included a handful of different states for the laundry piles ranging from filthy to pristine, giving you something to strive for when doing your washing. Whether it’s additional positive moodlets or negative ones.

Unlike Sims 3, they have added many more steps when doing a cycle of washing. For example you have to put the clothes into the washing machine, turn it on, wait for it to cycle to complete, put the clothes into the drier, turn it on, wait for the cycle to finish, take the washing out and put it away. Now this may not seem like much, but the turn it on step is quite often easy to overlook while in game. Which is annoying and cumbersome as it makes the gameplay clunky.

On metacritic, a user by the name of TheBlueFox rated the stuff pack at 5/10, stating that the overall game itself has been cutback so much that unless you buy the stuff packs it’s not worth having the game. They also point out that laundry was something that was just included within the Ambitions expansion pack and it was a small part of it whereas, in Sims 4, an entire stuff pack has been dedicated to it.

One poster on Reddit, JiveAssStick pointed out that the only reason they’ve bought the laundry stuff pack is because they are a completionist. While others have pointed out that the game play that comes along with the stuff pack makes it one of the best yet.

A lot of people are comparing Laundry Day for Sims 4, with the Ambitions expansion pack from Sims 3, where laundry was introduced there as a minor addition, rather than the feature. Which is a valid point.

For me, I think that if you’re collecting the expansion packs, but don’t particularly care for a handful of moodlets that add -2 to +2 to your sims overall emotional state, then you’re best waiting until it goes on sale. If you play legacy style games, then its something that you’ll enjoy a lot.

  • create a sim – I can’t give it a high score here, there are only a few extra options and while they are nice they are also mostly aimed at adult females, so there isn’t a lot of variety. A more even spread would have been nice and something for pets, since they’ve recently released that expansion pack would have been great to see. 4/10
  • build mode – Im a little on the fence about this as they have added a lot of new items to the game, they are of a similar theme and probably one I’ll use. However, you couldn’t kit out an entire house with the stuff pack, which is something that always erks me with the themes. You have a rustic lounge room but a futuristic kitchen. Who does that?  People generally carry decorating themes throughout their entire house. Overall, the items they did add nice and usable, 6/10
  • gameplay – I enjoy the legacy style of games, so my score is somewhat influenced or tainted by this. I enjoy that there is something extra to do, in terms of looking after your house. I like the extra little homey feel having a laundry in your house adds to the game. 7/10
    • Overall score: 5.6/10
    • Collectors/Completionists: Wait until its on sale
    • Legacy Players: Get it! Get it now!


Create A Sim


Build Mode


Game Play


Overall Score


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