I’ve been playing the same family in my Sims 4 game since it started. At first, there was no way to track the family tree, then through various updates that history has been lost. I’ve since started keeping track of my family with these sheets. This is something I figured I’d share with the Sims 4 community. Hopefully it helps you with keeping track of your Sims! [download id=”5634″].

The sheet contains a spot for your sim’s details including their parents as well as a spot for you to check off if they were an heir. There is also a section for any children that they have. I’ve included a spot for their genetics, where you can write down their hair, eye and skin color. There is another section for aspirations, main traits that you select for them as well as any traits that you may obtain while playing. The sheet also has a spot for any skills you want to note (I like to keep track of max level skills) as well as any careers they’ve had. Towards the bottom there is a spot for their friends, lovers and enemies (should they have any). A spot for any clubs they join and a section for notes.

Each sim will have 1 page dedicated to their life. Something that you can look back on later and reminisce. I hope this helps!


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