On November the 13th during the monthly patch EA made some changes to Father Winter, preventing him from moving into a random house in your town. This was causing a ‘fake’ Father Winter, where you’d ask him what his career is he’s say he was Father Winter however, if you woohoo’ed with him and your sim got pregnant. The child they have together wouldn’t get the Father Winter’s Trait.

Unfortunately, this appears to have created the side effect and EA are currently investigating why this is happening, if you want to help out, check out a link in the description and add your details to the list.
From what I’ve been reading, it doesn’t matter if you had mods before the patch, uninstalled prior to the patch or kept them running when you loaded it.

So far, the only option we have is to saving the family to the gallery and playing another family, if we want to save that sim. Alternatively, assuming a relative is still alive, you can create another sim that looks similar or at the very least has their DNA. “cas.fulleditmode”.

In terms of story telling you could have it so that your sim has either suffered from amnesia or abducted by aliens and doesn’t remember their past.

Other useful cheats include
• sims.give_satisfaction_points x

As of recording this video, I’m in the process of creating an easy to use list of cheats for my website. For details, check out the link in the description below. It’ll either take you to a work in process of the completed list.

However, that’s all for this post. Share it with your friends. Hope you’re having a lovely day. Till next time.


He then continues to say that if you want to keep playing, use the “Save as” function.

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