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Sims 4: New Romantic Garden Stuff Pack Announced

By February 3, 2016No Comments

Ea have announced a new Stuff Pack called Romantic Garden that will be released on February 9th. Less than a week to wait! As usual the stuff pack will include new objects, clothing and new game play.

From the look of the trailer (below), the stuff pack will have lots of outdoor things to help improve the overall look of your gardens. Perfect for a proposal, outdoor wedding or romantic get away.

What does look interesting is the Whispering Wishing Well. In the trailer it shows a ghost being turned back into their living form, in the description they say that “one should carefully gauge not only what they wish for, but when they wish for it. Over fifty different outcomes ensure that your Sim’s life may be altered forever… though it may end in rejoicing, or in personal tragedy.” which sounds really interesting!

It doesn’t appear that we’ll get a new map for it although they do mention that we’ll get a new park lot called “The Lost Gardens of Healing”. So if you’ve got space, you’re all set!

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