For Easter, EA have introduced Plant Sims to the game. Below is a pictorial guide on how to go about becoming a Plant Sim.

First you need to find Jasmine Holiday, she’ll be in the Willow Creek map. In doing this, she’ll inform you of the event and give details on it. This will cause Plant Sims to spawn, everywhere. Each Plant Sims can give you 1 magic bean, which you can just ask for without having to chat with them. Although some will say that they aren’t in the mood to give a magic been to you right now. In order to complete the challenge, you need to ask 6 different Plant Sims for magic beans, you can not ask the same one twice within a short period of time as the option will be greyed out. To complete the quest, you need to collect 6 different types of magic beans. Each Sim has a faint aura around them to help you find the magic beans you are after.

  • Sad magic bean
  • Uncomfortable magic bean
  • Confident magic bean
  • Playful magic bean
  • Flirty magic bean
  • Anger magic bean

Once you’ve completed them all, you’ll be given a tree stump in order to plant them. Inside the tree stump you’ll only be able to plant 1 of each. Once the magic beans are planted, you then need to water it. From that, it’ll sprout into a huge tree with a portal. View and explore the portal in order to be given a Forbidden Fruit that will turn your sim into a Plant Sim. The Plant Sim has different needs than a normal sim as well as green skin and leaves for hair. This is a temporary effect that will only last 5 days.

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