Having slow internet, sucks. I’ve spent the last few ours putting together a video for the trailer, but it’s going to take 2 hours to upload.. It’s not even 6 mins long. So instead of a video, I’ll post the script here and update later tonight with the video.

An email was sent out by EA announcing Sims 4 Seasons! What can we expect from the expansion pack?

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What were the 4 days introduced in Sims 3 Seasons? Comment below with your answers.

We get a new looking Greenhouse and clothing designs as always. A kiddy swimming poop and the ability to make snow angels and snowmen. Rake up snow and leaves, which shows the same animation. Again, the same animation is use for jumping in puddles, a pile of leaves and a sprinkler Something Toddlers and children can get into. We see people doing what looks like a water balloon fight that turns into a snowball fight. A guy twirling while ice skating that turns into a woman rollerskating, which will probably be a new skill or two. House decorations to match the seasons, which look amazing. Although we’ve had the Christmas ones for a while, so I’m hoping we get more than that. Lots of new foods being added and a gnome costume, hamster and Father Christmas looing get up. We also see a bee keeper, which will probably be another skill and then a guy playing around with a scarecrow pinned to a tree and then towards the end we have a weather changing machine that allows a passerby down the way to turn into Thor when he’s hit with lightning, so there’s some new skill or ability there as well.

LET ME KNOW: On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for Sims 4 Seasons?

Sims 3 Seasons introduced Aliens to the game, so it’ll be interesting to see what they introduce, if anything as an occult class.

The blurb on the EA preorder page, says that weather will be added to all existing maps. We can assume this means other worlds and holiday destinations. You can ice skate as we saw in the clip and befriend a magical scarecrow during fall. What this will do is unknown, but can speculate something like the wishing well? What do you think, let me know in the comment section below.

We’ve also got new weather appropriate outfits and they’re expanding on the Gardening career with botanist or Florist pathways. We also see Beekeeping in the pictures/trailer. Bird of Paradise flower being clipped, which will hopefully mean that more actual grow able flowers will also be introduced. We can see a leave blower which looks really fun and probably something more household specific rather than gardening career. I absolutely love the greenhouse looks that you see in the trailer.

It also mentions guests that come during season parties. From the images we can see a Santa-esk guy appearing, giving the kids presents while the parents lovingly watch on. So that’ll be interesting and a nice reason to have parties.

Being released on the 22nd June, we can also expect seasonal events as the year progresses.

HELP ME TEST THE COMMENT ADDON! What do you think you’ll be most excited about with Seasons?

Trivia Answer

Love Day, Leisure Day, Spooky Day, Snowflake Day


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