Traits are what makes up your sims personality. In Sims 4, your sim starts off with 4 slots for traits. As you play, you can add more. In total, as of the making of this video there are over 90 traits that your sim can have.

When creating your sim, the first trait is assigned to an aspiration. An aspiration is a major goal in game that requires you to complete 4 levels in total. Each of those levels have 2-3 requirements that you need to complete in order to progress to the next. Once you’ve completed all the levels, you are rewarded with the trait associated with the aspiration. Aspirations can be changed if you change your mind or once you’ve completed them. The trait you are given, complements the aspiration.

The remaining 3 are for you to pick. The traits are split into 4 categories.

  • Emotional Traits, these impact the emotions of your sims and those around you.
  • Hobby Traits, impact on what the sim enjoys doing and in some cases can allow the sim to do unique interactions with objects and sims.
  • Lifestyle Traits, affect how the sim lives their life.
  • Social Traits, impact how sims interact with each other.

But that’s not where the traits end. If you want to learn more information on traits please watch the video playlist below. I’ve made videos explaining the trait types in further detail and I’ve also made videos on the specific traits. Hope you enjoy!