In trying to make the load time of the website faster, I’ve reduced the plug-ins from 47 down to 17. I had a few redundant plug-ins, EG: 2 different plug-ins to manage downloads and a shop that also had to be activated at the same time. Since the shop was required by the theme (nope, no idea why), I’ve moved the downloads to the shop. Most of the downloads are free, those that were previously still are. However, there are some instances where where I provided the *.PDS or *.AI file that would allow you to edit the images, where I have charged a small fee.

I look forward to putting more stuff on the website and slowly re-doing the HOTs character sheets. We’ll see how it goes! I’ve included them below so that you can see

  • Sale!

    Sea of Thieves map (Updated: Sunken Kingdom) – AI file [Editable]


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