Within Sea of Thieves, there are three Trading Companies that you need to level your way up through, in order to obtain Pirate Legend.

The Merchant Alliance is one of the three default trading companies. Their NPCs are located on the docks of every outpost. There are 2 outposts located in The Shores of Plenty, The Wilds and Ancient Isles as well as a singular outpost at the Devil’s Roar. Presumably, any new areas will also have their own Outpost.

Talking to each the NPCs gives a different response, their replies range from the Merchant Alliance being a cutthroat bunch of mercenaries, delivering goods as quickly as possible, to people who enjoy sailing and want to play with pigs all day.

The Merchant Alliance has 2 different mission types to offer you, the first, that you’re watching now, is a cargo run and the second is an order or contract for specific wildlife stock.

A cargo run is where you’re told to collect 5 items, which are a mixture of silks, rum and plants and then deliver them to an island. Generally speaking the NPC you have to deliver them to are on a dock, or on the beach area, visible from your ship.

The items you’re delivering, have 2 different states, pristine and non-pristine. Delivering an item in pristine condition yields a higher gold reward.

Silks can’t get wet. This includes ocean water swimming to and or from your boat, rain from storms and water that has leaked into the hull. It’s often best to do silks after you’ve found a row boat or position your ship so that you can walk directly from it to land.

Plants are the opposite and have to be kept watered. To do this place 3-4 buckets of water in the lower deck of your hull and keep the plants partially submerged in the water, which is dangerous as it leaves you vulnerable as you’re already partially sunk. Alternatively, be continually splashing them with water, which is cumbersome to continually having to leave the ship to get a bucket of water. Plants also make it very difficult to see where it is you’re going when you’re walking.



Rum bottles cannot be disturbed too much, in that if you jump they’ll shatter. If you get attacked by a megalodon, kraken or ship and take a cannon hit you’ll hear them shatter.

An order or contract is where you are provided the animal cages from the Merchant Alliance NPC and are required to track down specific animals. Each island has 2 types of animal that can spawn including a chicken, pig and or snake; each type of animal has 4 different rarities, shown by colour, that are randomly generated. For instance, this means that you may go to an island that can spawn chickens however, it hasn’t spawned a black one or hasn’t spawned enough red speckled chickens for you to complete your order and you’ll have to travel to another island to complete it. I’ve created a printer friendly version of the map that you can download for free on my website, link in the description. For any one that has Illustrator or knows how to manipulate AI files, I’ve included the AI file for a small fee that contains all the layers.

To catch the animal, you need to be holding the cage and then press M1 on the mouse, which is I believe right trigger on xbox.

Once you’ve caught the animal, they then need to taken to the requested outpost.

Chickens require no special maintenance.

Pigs will need to be fed bananas when they squeal.

Snakes are hostile and will attack when someone gets close to them. Playing music calms them down and allows you to pick them up and travel with them. They do have an animation that warns you when they are about to come out of the musical trance at which point you can drop them and play them back into it. If you don’t, they will continue to spit their venom at you which causes damage and hinders your vision. Additionally, snakes can also kill your other animals, so it’s important to place them somewhere that you’re not going to get spat on while sailing, walking around and nowhere near your other cargo.

While on your travels you may also find various crates that you can turn in for additional rep with the Merchant Alliance, these include fine sugar, exotic silk, rare tea and exquisite spices, I believe Forsaken Shores added a few extra crates and for any additional updates you’ll be able to tell that they are for the Merchant Alliance as they’ll be a rectangular box, wrapped with paper that’s held down by ropes and most importantly have the Merchant Alliance symbol printed on it somewhere. You may also find empty crates that you can fill with bananas, cannonballs and wooden planks that can also be filled up and turned in, generally when you’re about to logout as they require 50 of each and that’s quite the dip into your stock.

Gunpowder barrels can also be turned in for a small amount of rep, so its worth picking them up if you see them. As explode bois are often found on beaches its good to try and aim to kill the skeleton, so that you can collect the gunpowder barrel to turn in.

For every 5 levels of reputation, you gain a promotion. As you level up through the Merchant Alliance, you will unlock missions that have the potential to yield more gold, a variety of titles and vanity items including the Merchant items as well as the Admiral, Ceremonial and Grand Admiral Clothing and items sets. There are also achievements that you can complete while sailing and levelling up your reputation that provides their own reward.

Overall their missions can feel like they take the shortest time to complete with the Cargo runs because you’re collecting the items from an NPC on your current island, then delivering them to a specific place with a fairly easy to find NPC. I’ve also included a link in the description to my website that lists each of the NPCs names so that you can locate them quicker.


Please take a moment and comment below with the question of the post: Which mission do you prefer? Cargo or contact? Let me know why in the comments.

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