Tracer sneaking to the win Temple of Anubis Overwatch Funnies

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Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I’d cap it solo!

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► About Shillianth: Based in Sydney, Shillianth is an Aussie Girl Gamer who enjoys playing Simulation games including Fallout 4, Planet Coaster, Ark SurvivalTheSims, SimCity, Warcraft (#WOW), Diablo (#D3), CitiesSkylines, DungeonDefenders, Bastion, Torchlight, Trine, MarvelPuzzleQuest, MarvelHereos, GuildWars, OrcsMustDie (OMD). The Shillianth channel is mainly Tutorial videos as well as LetsPlay, WePlay where her husband joins in and Blogs. Machinima Myrti and Torben as well as putting up ASMR (AutonomousSensoryMeridianResponse) and OddlySatisfying videos.

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