I became aware that some people wanted a website for their hobby or small business. If they couldn’t build it themselves or couldn’t find a family friend to build it for them took weeks of research, explanations and outrageous fees that couldn’t really be justified. So I started decided to offer this service. The offer is for basic websites with a handful of pages, no frills or fancy widgets, apps or plugins because there isn’t a need to bamboozle you or your customers with bright colours and fancy moving icons.

If you’re after a simple website that is as easy to update as posting to Facebook, have I got the deal for you.

I can create a basic website that will sync up with all of your social media pages and be as easy as updating your Facebook page for a few hundred [Australian] dollars. Perfect for the small business owners, enthusiasts who aren’t PC savvy or a business owner that doesn’t have time to keep Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and a website up to date.

If you don’t want to manage the website or social media, I can also handle that for you too.


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